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Sinister Wisdom 125: Glorious Defiance

Sinister Wisdom 125: Glorious Defiance

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Edited by: Valerie Wetlaufer

Wetlaufer asks of the disabled lesbian experience, “How can we inhabit the joy of our lesbian selves when chronic pain keeps us away from the party? What does it mean to find happiness in bodies that are too often medicalized and dissociated? How can these bodies society classes as disposable become sites of pleasure?” The writers Wetlaufer curates for Sinister Wisdom 125: Glorious Defiance begin to answer those questions as well as pose many more for thoughtful, engaged consideration.

In addition to the dossier of writing by disabled lesbians, Sinister Wisdom 125: Glorious Defiance gathers more new lesbian writing from established writers like Margaret Randall and Chrystos as well as emerging writers. Collective, this issue of Sinister Wisdom explores Wetlaufer’s questions with meaningful explorations of the complex intersectionalities of lesbian lives today.

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