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Technically Magic

Technically Magic

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By: L.A. Michaels

After all these years, Magisha Stone, Queen of the Magic Realm, battles her inner demons after years of being gaslit and gatekept by those closest to her. How does she finally go about fixing her life? By creating the Gray Stone Curse with the intent to kidnap Aaron-Richard Mitchel Langston. Who is Aaron-Richard? Aarick is a twelve-year-old student at Northland School for Witches, a boarding school that the Queen herself owns. Magisha and Aarick share a rare power; the power of premonition. Aarick can see the past but also the future. Magisha, on the other hand, can only see the past and relives it in her mind daily, while those around her claim she does not remember things correctly. Magisha makes her intent to take Aarick hostage public. However, soon after, other powerful individuals bid for Aarick in the form of the WIA, a Magic-based terrorist organization run by a mysterious figure. Aarick gets kidnapped alongside his best friend's younger sister Sally Magica. Together, they are able to escape and plot out a plan to end the Gray Stone curse with help from Magisha's ex-husband, Winston Salloom, and best friend, Maude. It turns into a race to beat Magisha at her own game. Aarick Langston's story finally begins.

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