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The Alchemist's Rose

The Alchemist's Rose

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By R. S. Parker

Every rose has its thorns...

Victoria Alexander is a perky graduate student writing her dissertation at St. Albertus Magnus University. When her great grandfather dies, he leaves her his home and everyone in her family a monthly stipend of $100,000. Of course, this gift has two conditions. Sara has to live in his home in the small town of Pazat, Pennsylvania, for three years and in that time, marry an acceptable man. Otherwise, the family loses everything.

Anya Skejik is the toymaker in Pazat. Unless you count her marionette Iskra, she's lived alone for most of her life, and she's always liked it that way. A dark cloud and rumors of a curse have hung over her like the veil that has hidden her scarred face since her parents died when she was a child.

But there are lies in truth and truth in lies, and a shining dawn doesn't always follow the dark night.

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