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The Bubble We're In

The Bubble We're In

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By Alex Mell-Taylor

When the world grinds to a halt because of a deadly pandemic, two men move in together way too quickly to avoid being alone. Sebastian is a workaholic straining to escape his modest roots. Christian is a trust fund kid who can provide Sebastian with the life he craves. As they struggle to adjust to the new normal, class and political differences begin to poke holes in their uneasy relationship.

Both men soon expand their COVID bubble and their relationship to include a group of strangers they meet on Grindr. Between raucous underground parties and a last-minute vacation to the Bahamas, Sebastian and Christian's newfound bubble seems to thrive, despite challenging conditions. But as troubles on the outside slowly find their way in, the group-and Sebastian and Christian's relationship-threatens to implode. Both men are forced to weigh their options and decide what scares them more: being together or being apart.

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