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The Friendship Study

The Friendship Study

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By Ruby Barrett

A former firefighter at loose ends and an academic with a confidence problem join a friendship study—and become more than just friends—in this brand-new standalone from The Romance Recipe author Ruby Barrett


Jesse Logan doesn’t want a fresh start. He wants his old life back—the life where he was a firefighter, before an injury made that impossible. The life before his grandfather’s Alzheimer’s got so bad that he doesn’t recognize Jesse anymore. When a friend tells him about a paid psychological study that could prove enlightening, Jesse sees it as a chance to get back to the man he was before the accident while making a little extra cash.

All Lulu Banks is asking for is a fresh start. Back home after a devastating breakup, she’s struggling to find her place. She’s always been a lot, and she knows that—too loud, too eager, too obvious about her feelings. For her, the friendship study seems like a great idea—until she’s paired with Jesse Logan, who recently ghosted her after a blind date that led to a steamy make-out session.

Now, that old familiar tension is back. The two are frequently paired together on study assignments, and despite the program’s strict “no romance” rule, they’re quick to find a workaround that allows them to explore their tenuous connection. And soon they’re on their way to total self-improvement…

As long as they don’t get caught.

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