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The Jolliest Bunch : Unhinged Holiday Stories

The Jolliest Bunch : Unhinged Holiday Stories

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Danny Pellegrino

From the New York Times bestselling author and host of the Everything Iconic podcast comes a collection of hilarious and heartfelt holiday stories from the funniest man in Solon, Ohio

For many families, the holiday season is—in a word—unhinged. In no family is that more true than in Danny Pellegrino’s, beloved podcast host of Everything Iconic and bestselling author. Inappropriately improvised monologues at the children's Christmas pageant, presents that land someone in the emergency room, or just sitting on the absolute roller coaster that is a Hallmark movie marathon, the holidays are a strange and magical time in the Pellegrino household. And nobody knows this better than Danny.

Following his New York Times bestselling memoir How Do I Un-Remember This?, Danny takes his readers on another nostalgic trip to the 90s and 2000s with a collection of holiday stories that are heartfelt, hilarious, and (unfortunately) true. Whether you spend your holidays baking with your chaotically stressed-out mom (Hi, Linda), binge watching Christmas Vacation until you can quote every line, or drooling over the NSYNC Christmas special, this collection of nostalgic holiday stories will put you in the holiday spirit and reminisce about your own holiday memories—the good, the bad, and the cringeworthy.

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