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The Lights of Ystrac's Wood

The Lights of Ystrac's Wood

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By: Alexandra Rowland

At the center of the great forest of Avaris lies the sacred wood of Ystrac, god of the hunt and the wilderness-and the wild terror of hunted things. This fear emanates so powerfully from the godwood that most travelers who would pass along its winding road can barely step past the boundary marker. All that keeps the fear at bay are the lanterns, lit by mysterious, ever-burning flames and tended faithfully by the priests of Talesyn, the god of poets.

Aneth is a dedicate of Ystrac, and as part of her service to him, she is charged to face the godwood's fear and open her heart to it, guiding travelers along the road and seeing them safe on their way on the other side.

Corentin is a priest of Talesyn, and for his service, he has sworn to walk the lantern path and do what needs must to ensure the lanterns' flames burn bright for years to come-whatever the cost to himself, whatever oaths or sacrifices he must make.

Neither of them is precisely what the other would expect... But then, neither is their journey along the lantern path.

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