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The Mischievous Letters of the Marquise de Q

The Mischievous Letters of the Marquise de Q

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By Felicia Davin

Paris, 1825. Losing her husband is the best thing to happen to Delphine in ages. After he used magic to control her, Delphine's only regret is that she didn't kill that petty tyrant herself. Widowed, Delphine can pursue her dashing rescuer, the androgynous novelist Camille Dupin-and solve the mystery of her first love, a man called Ari who disappeared before Delphine could tell him she was pregnant with his child.

Ari isn't dead. Three years ago, he stole a magical weapon from a powerful man and was exiled to a distant prison. When a stroke of luck allows him to escape, he sets out to confront the man who ruined his life and reunite with Delphine. He never expected to find her in bed with Camille, or to find himself falling in love with both of them.

Camille loves Delphine and was almost ready to let her guard down. Ari's reappearance stirs up old hurts and threatens them all-Ari's enemy will stop at nothing to get his stolen artifact back. Camille's conscience won't let her abandon Delphine and Ari in danger, but she won't stay to have her heart broken once they're safe. Before Delphine, Camille, and Ari can imagine a happy future, they'll have to reckon with the past.

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