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The Only Safe Place Left is the Dark

The Only Safe Place Left is the Dark

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By Warren Wagner

In The Only Safe Place Left is the Dark, an HIV positive gay man must leave the relative safety of his cabin in the woods to brave the zombie apocalypse and find the medication he needs to stay alive.


"There's a raw, primordial scream echoing from each and every page of Warren Wagner's The Only Safe Place Left is the Dark. It's the scream of an exciting and impressive new voice in horror fiction. Deceptively clever and ferociously brutal, Wagner's astonishing novella is a testament to LGBTQ+ survival against all odds-a gruesome, blood-soaked celebration of queerness."

-Eric LaRocca, author Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke


"Warren Wagner's The Only Safe Place Left is the Dark is a visceral queer nightmare where, in an alternative history branching off from the AIDS crisis, HIV gives some survivors a narrow edge in enduring a terrifying zombie apocalypse. Wagner introduces a series of grisly twists to the classic zombie narrative, and opens our hearts to stoic loner Quinton and charismatic risk-taker Billy as they search for a motherlode of the medication that will keep them alive as the world around them disintegrates. This boldly cinematic edge-of-your-seat thriller gets under your skin in more ways than one."

-David Demchuk, author of Red X and The Bone Mother


"SAFE PLACE brings the gore and the gay-a brokenhearted odyssey that staggers across a zombie-strewn hellscape towards its post-post apocalyptic conclusion like a scab-kneed witness to a blasphemous Second Coming. Roll away the stone, rip off the bandages and kneel before the horror of its unholy gloryhole."

-Alvaro Rodriguez, screenwriter of Machete and The Last Rampage

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