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The Rainbow's End

The Rainbow's End

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By: L.A. Michaels

While the Fitzpatrick and Knight families are rivals, even if the Fitzpatrick patriarch, Seamus, thinks otherwise, that doesn't stop Susan Fitzpatrick and Delia Knight or their nun friend Sister Mary Newman from getting along.

Susan has a secret that she has long since kept, not only from her family but from her two best friends. She is a lesbian living in an elitist town in 1968, no less. To make things worse, she has a crush on her friend Mary and realizes that if Mary did have feelings, nothing could ever happen because Mary is, of course, a nun. Things get bumpy when Luca Costa, a known mob boss who has already been working with the Fitzpatricks, gets involved with Delia's husband, Benton.

Harry Knight, the great-grandson of Delia and Benton, has been dating Preston Costa, the great grandnephew of Luca. They have been going strong even with the many obstacles in their way. Preston suggests getting out of Grosse Pointe for the summer, and the two soon-to-be seniors #Classof2020 go out on a road trip that takes them beyond the bubble they have lived in for most of their lives. Preston hopes that distance from the town will help make certain revelations about himself easier for his overly anxious and OCD boyfriend to handle. Both boys hope that this trip will help them grow closer.

Only time will tell what will happen for the Knight, Fitzpatrick, and Costa families as they live their lives somewhere Between Heaven and Hell.

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