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The Rosewood Chronicles #3: The Lost Princess (Rosewood Chronicles #3)

The Rosewood Chronicles #3: The Lost Princess (Rosewood Chronicles #3)

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By Connie Glynn

The third installment in YouTube star Connie Glynn’s Rosewood Chronicles series, which Kirkus called “Cinderella meets Mean Girls while at Hogwarts.”

Lottie Pumpkin had always assumed that nobody could be more protected than a princess. That is, until she became one.

Acting as the crown princess of Maradova has taught her otherwise—because in the two years that she’s known Ellie Wolf, the rebellious princess hiding her identity, Lottie has been anything but safe.

And now, along with Ellie’s lifelong friend and bodyguard Jamie, Lottie is facing the greatest danger she’s known yet —from Leviathan, the secret organization intent on taking the princess down.

When Leviathan forces them to travel to their beloved Rosewood Hall’s sister school in Japan, they see that nowhere is beyond Leviathan’s long reach. Only a secret band of students calling themselves Banshee seem to be fighting against the evil that Leviathan plans. But will long-buried secrets prove more dangerous than even Leviathan?

Rosewood goes international in this third installment of Connie Glynn’s Rosewood Chronicles series, perfect for fans of Meg Cabot and Shannon Hale.

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