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The Vampires' Curse (Decimus #1)

The Vampires' Curse (Decimus #1)

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By Travis Richey

"I thought love was more powerful than nature."

Since he was turned centuries ago, Joseph has watched the world of man change, grow, and decay. He grieves human lovers as they grow old and die, but the curse of Decimus keeps him from turning them. The odds are against him; more often than not, the vampire's kiss only hastens death, and Joseph is no murderer. After inadvertently turning Alexander, who basks in human destruction, Joseph swears he will never love again... and he certainly will never consume human blood.

Joseph's oath is tested by a chance meeting with David, a young human man for whom his heart unexpectedly yearns. However, their passion is threatened by a blood-crazed Alexander, who finds Joseph's burgeoning relationship repulsive. When David is threatened, will Joseph risk Decimus to save him?

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