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They Were Roommates

They Were Roommates

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By Dawn Cutler-Tran

Dive into the captivating Not so Normative world with this exciting prequel, featuring Frankie and Diego.

Being the fun-loving, good time not a long time guy was going great for Frankie until he met the ruggedly handsome yet aloof Diego. At first, he thought meeting Diego could be the start to his enemies-to-lovers romance - except he doesn't do romance. After Diego opens up to him about being trans, they become fast friends and eventually decide to open a business together. Frankie is sure he can be a mature business partner, but does that mean that's all they can ever be?


Diego has spent a long time working towards becoming the man he is today, but he still has a long way to go, and a lot of goals he wants to achieve. The last thing he needs is the class flirt distracting him. But when Frankie proves to be a lot more than he seems, kind, intelligent and impossible to shake, Diego wonders if he can settle for starting a business together and just being roommates. What could possibly go wrong?


They Were Roommates is a cute MM romance that celebrates the rich diversity of trans-masculine, gay, demi, and omni characters. Explore the sweet and spicy moments these two roommates share as they open an inclusive cafe and form an affirming queer community together.

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