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Too Much

Too Much

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 By Tom Allen

'An extraordinary portrait of a son navigating his way through grief and loss in real time. Funny, candid, and measured'

Happily settled in a new relationship and with a dream house of his own, Tom Allen could finally call himself an adult. But when his beloved dad died suddenly, Tom's life was rocked by a fresh set of challenges, and he started to find comfort in his friends, his past and his newly dug vegetable patch.

With his hallmark honesty and wit, Tom writes beautifully about those days, weeks and months following loss, and about how bewildering the practicalities of life can be in the wake of an upheaval - those moments, really, when everything can start to feel a bit too much . . .

'Hilarious and poignant' JO BRAND
'Heartfelt, vulnerable and touchingly sincere' GUARDIAN
'Life-affirming' ATTITUDE

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