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Tough Love

Tough Love

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By: Dianna Roman

Damiano's parents have never had any faith in him, so it's no surprise when his new boss doesn't either. He's determined to prove Graham Brandt wrong though, if only he could stop pushing the man's buttons and dreaming about tearing them off. It's frustrating being a hot-blooded young man, particularly when your sexy boss is straighter than the level he uses on job sites.

What do you do when your ex-wife won't come home, and you can't stop thinking about your obnoxious apprentice? You lose your damn mind, apparently. That's the only explanation for why Graham agrees to let Dami teach him how to explore his unexplainable desires. When the lessons are over, however, Graham learns he may have misunderstood not only sex education, but Damiano Andropolis. Why does Graham always want things he can't have?

The school of tough love is in session, but who is teaching whom?

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