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Transgender Marxism

Transgender Marxism

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Jules Joanne Gleeson (Edited by), Elle O'Rourke (Edited by), Jordy Rosenberg (Foreword by)

A groundbreaking synthesis of transgender studies and Marxist theory.

“A terrific collection of essays - I couldn't put it down”—Kathi Weeks, author, The Problem with Work

“A vibrant and much needed collection - not just for trans people - but the left in general”—Shon Faye, author, The Transgender Issue

The first collection of its kind, Transgender Marxism is a provocative and groundbreaking union of transgender studies and Marxist theory.
Exploring trans lives and movements, the authors delve into the experience of surviving as transgender under capitalism. They explore the pressures, oppression and state persecution faced by trans people living in capitalist societies, their tenuous positions in the workplace and the home, and give a powerful response to right-wing scaremongering against “gender ideology'.” Chapters include:
*Trans Work: Employment Trajectories, Labour Discipline and Gender Freedom by Michelle O'Brien
*Judith Butler's Scientific Revolution: Foundations for a Transsexual Marxism by Rosa Lee
*How Do Gender Transitions Happen? By Jules Joanne Gleeson
*A Queer Marxist Transfeminism: Queer and Trans Social Reproduction by Nat Raha
*The Bridge between Gender and Organizing by Farah Thompson

*Transgender and Disabled Bodies - Between Pain and the Imaginary by Zoe Belinsky
*Seizing the Means: Towards a Trans Epistemology by Nathaniel Dickson
*”Why Are We Like This?” The Primacy of Transsexuality by Xandra Metcalfe
*Cosmos Against Nature in the Class Struggle of Proletarian Trans Women by Anja Heisler Weiser Flower
*Afterword: One Utopia, One Dystopia by Jordy Rosenberg

Reflecting on the relations between gender and labor, these essays reveal the structure of antagonisms faced by gender non-conforming people within society. Looking at the history of transgender movements, Marxist interventions into developmental theory, psychoanalysis and workplace ethnography, the authors conclude that for trans liberation, capitalism must be abolished.
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