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Transition to Success : A Self-Esteem and Confidence Workbook for Trans People

Transition to Success : A Self-Esteem and Confidence Workbook for Trans People

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By Matthew Waites

A self-help workbook for trans people to help them set and achieve their personal and professional goals and build self-esteem and confidence.Understand your values, set career goals, take care of your health and take over the world! With inspiring activities, top tips and soul-searching self-reflection exercises, this workbook is a toolkit for trans-formation

Identifying as a trans and/or non-binary person in today's society can be a daily challenge. However, these challenges can also lead you to experience a spectrum of emotions and experiences others can only dream of, and untold strength and power - if you know how to harness it!
Drawing upon the author's personal experiences as a trans man, and using life-coaching and mentoring techniques throughout, this workbook will give you the tools to defeat imposter syndrome, nourish your relationships, make strides in your career, and exercise safely, without compromising on that tuck or bind. With activities, tips and self-reflective exercises to enable you to reflect on your goals, challenges and life experiences, as well as your self-limiting behaviours, this workbook is here to support you during transition, on coming out, in your relationships, at work and with your physical and mental health. Trans joy is real - so seize every opportunity that comes your way.

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