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Transitioning Later in Life : A Personal Guide

Transitioning Later in Life : A Personal Guide

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By: Jillian Celentano

The first in-depth guide for people who are transitioning later in life

"This is my personal guide to help face who you are, accept who you are and love who you are, so you can watch your dreams and accomplishments flourish...If I can do it, you can do it too."

Jillian Celentano lived most of her life not accepting who she was. Since beginning her transition at the age of 55, she has been able to live authentically as her true self. In this helpful and practical guide, she offers advice to other people who are transitioning later in life.

Drawing on her personal experiences, she explores topics such as coming out to children, spouses and family, coming out at work, finding your authentic voice, experimenting with style and clothing, and stepping out in public for the first time. She explains how to deal with clocking and discrimination, body dysphoria and the importance of maintaining your physical and mental health. With candour and warmth throughout, this book will support readers on their path to self-love, happiness and acceptance.

A personal guide on transitioning later in life, helping individuals to address the physical and social challenges involved throughout the process. Exploring issues such as coming out, dealing with discrimination, body dysphoria and finding your own style, it provides support to people at any stage of their journey.
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