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True Love and Other Impossible Odds

True Love and Other Impossible Odds

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By Christina Li

Helen Hoang meets Nina LaCour in this queer YA book about a girl who develops an algorithm to predict people’s perfect matches during her first year of college, while questioning her own sexuality. 

After Grace Tang lost her mother and wrecked the only friendship she cared about during her senior year of high school, she lives her first year of college like a predictable formula: attend class, study, go home and visit her dad every weekend. Repeat. There’s no room in her life for outliers or anomalies.

As a project for her statistics class, Grace comes up with the idea to use an algorithm to pair students with their perfect romantic partner. Though some people are skeptical, like Julia, Grace’s coworker at the campus library, Grace is confident that her algorithm is accurate. That’s why she keeps trying to make things work with her “perfect” match, a guy named Jamie. But as the semester goes on and she grows closer to Julia, Grace starts to question who she’s really attracted to.

In acclaimed author Christina Li’s YA debut, Grace will have to make a choice between the tidy equations she knows will protect her heart from grief, or the possibility that true love doesn’t follow a formula.

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