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Two Who Live On

Two Who Live On

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By MN Bennet

Going into the second semester, all Dorian wants to do is explore his relationship with Milo and prepare his students for the upcoming academy showcase. But Enchanter Evergreen's fame makes Dorian question his place in Milo's world. His fear of going public is complicated when he notices a shift in his telepathy that strengthens his bond to Milo in a way it never has before. Dorian finds himself forced to simultaneously navigate his work life and Milo's enchanter cases.

This amplification in his magic puts a strain on Dorian's mind, making it difficult to prioritize his students while they struggle to rank into the showcase. Dorian wants to ensure their magics are mastered in time for the event, help them deal with trauma from the warlock incursion last semester, and teach them to handle class bullies this semester. But finding a balance is out of the question when Dorian's mind is reeled toward dangerous threats lurking in the city.

Demons. Haunting and deadly, they stalk citizens, picking off witches and warlocks alike, while Milo investigates their motives. It's a terrifying reminder for Dorian about why he wasn't cut out for life as an industry professional. He lost Finn to demons, and now, just as he's finally gotten some semblance of his life back, Dorian worries he'll lose Milo to the same fate.

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