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Unbreakable (Of Gods and Dragons #1)

Unbreakable (Of Gods and Dragons #1)

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By Colleen McMillan

The Sun God does not love. He is benevolent and cherishes his subjects, ushering in the morning each day, but he is untouchable. That's the story Alaric Shina has heard since he was a child. It's something he's never questioned. When he's chosen as tribute for the annual offering ceremony, Alaric is ecstatic. Meeting a god is an honor bestowed upon so few. After a chance encounter leaves him alone in the Sun God's presence, Alaric is trapped in the Temple of the Sun, at the whims of a powerful yet beautiful god. Alaric begins to learn the truth about the mysterious figure from his childhood stories, a darkness that enshrouds the shining god.

A story of lost love and finding new life in chance meetings, Unbreakable brings together two unlikely people who challenge the idea that immortals and mortals can never intertwine.

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