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Velvet Midnight

Velvet Midnight

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By: Max Walker

This wasn't how I envisioned my life going.

I thought I was going to be a successful sports star, maybe a famous veterinarian, or maybe I'd open up another sanctuary, following in my moms' footsteps.

None of that happened. Life's light seemed to turn off for me, and I was having a really hard time turning the spark back on. I fell into the doldrums and let myself think it was normal.

Then, on my twenty-fourth birthday, in comes the one surprise I wanted most and liked the least: Rex freaking Madison. My older brother's best friend, my first crush, my first time.

And my absolute worst nightmare, walking in on two thick, sexy, tree-trunk like legs and smiling an electrically blue-eyed smile.

Somewhere, deep down under the cobwebs in my chest, a spark lit.


Well. Crap. This wasn't how I expected things to go.

I'd been coasting, living under my dad's oppressive shadow while using his bank account to keep rent paid and alcohol flowing. I was running, and life caught up to me.

Now, I was being blackmailed for a sex tape I never consented to, and lost my meal ticket to an easy life because of it.

My best friend offered me a place to stay, and I took it. I figured some time at the Gold Animal Sanctuary would help me get things back on track.

One look from Benji was all it took for everything to derail again. It had been six years since we saw each other last, ending an incredible time on a terrible note. Benji had taught me how to love myself--all of myself--back then, and now I wanted to return the favor, no matter how much time may have separated us from our explosive nights together.

Nights I'd never forget and always ache to repeat.

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