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By Travis Jeppesen

In a barren field in the fictional town of Monkhole, Herbert stands watch over the cows-his sole form of amusement-daydreaming of his mother, who has disappeared with a UFO cult, the Overcomers. Meanwhile, his friend Howard works obsessively on a tome about victimology.

It may be up to their friend Ruphis to unravel the mystery of the Overcomers, Herbert's battle against gravity, Howard's against the great white wall and the nature of those mysterious lights hovering in the clouds...

Travis Jeppesen's debut novel, first published in 2003, set literary culture off balance by giving voice to the demented lifestyle of cultists. Victims returns to reanimate these spectral figures, and the forces and forms hidden in their shadows.

"Victims holds a remarkably confident and able line through complicated waters... brilliant."

-Tom McCarthy

"An artfully fractured vision of memory and escape..."

-Village Voice

"Jeppesen's novel has the potential to change your life."


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