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Waterfalls, The Moon and Sensible Shoes: One Lesbian Life

Waterfalls, The Moon and Sensible Shoes: One Lesbian Life

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by Jill P. Strachan

Waterfalls, The Moon and Sensible Shoes-One Lesbian Life reflects on the different loves, grief, friendship, romance, and feminism that make up one Lesbian life. Strachan's application of her powers of self-reflection to the trove of letters, diaries, and journal entries passed down from her parents or written herself over the past six decades tie disparate threads of family life and American post-war life together. Simultaneously, she tracks a personal account of the radically, quickly shifting social and historical situation for Lesbian and gay individuals from the 1970s to the AIDS crisis and beyond. The individual struggle for, against, and within the currents of history finds a careful, passionate, and genuine treatment in Strachan's hands. An engrossing tale of childhood, adulthood, strength, and family love stateside and far away - Ms. Strachan shares her story of becoming through the letters and diaries of her life.

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