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Weird Tales: 100 Years of Weird (Unabridged)

Weird Tales: 100 Years of Weird (Unabridged)

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edited by: Jonathan Maberry
various authors, R. L. Stine (Contributions by), Laurell K. Hamilton (Contributions by), Ray Bradbury (Contributions by), Victor LaValle (Contributions by), Robert E. Howard (Contributions by), Hailey Piper (Contributions by), H. P. Lovecraft (Contributions by), Tennessee Williams (Contributions by), Usman T. Malik (Contributions by), James Aquilone (Contributions by)

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first issues of Weird Tales Magazine, 100 Years of Weird is a masterful compendium of new and classic stories, flash fiction, essays, and poems from the giants of speculative fiction, including R. L. Stine, Laurell K. Hamilton, Ray Bradbury, H. P. Lovecraft, Tennessee Williams, and Isaac Asimov.

Marking a century of uniquely peculiar storytelling, each part of this anthology features a different genre from Cosmic Horror, Sword and Sorcery, Space Opera, to the Truly Weird—things too strange to publish elsewhere, and the magazine’s raison d’etre. Landmark stories such as “The Call of Cthulhu”, “Worms of the Earth”, and “Legal Rites” stand beside original stories and insightful essays from today’s masters of speculative fiction.

This visually stunning hardcover edition is a collector’s dream, illustrated throughout with classic full color and black & white art from past issues of Weird Tales Magazine.

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