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Wishing on Winter (Juniper Creek Golden Years #3)

Wishing on Winter (Juniper Creek Golden Years #3)

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By Brenna Bailey

The aspiring novelist. The retired drummer. The fake relationship that will warm up their winter.

Evvie Adler never thought she'd find love again. Then the recent pair-ups of her two best friends make the queer septuagenarian realize she doesn't want to be alone for Christmas. Besides, she needs fodder for her romance novel, and what better research than the real thing? But one disastrous date later, and Evvie's ready to give up on love once and for all.

After years on the road, drummer Matthias Vogel is settling down in Juniper Creek to focus on family-and to finish the band memoir he has no idea how to start. When he literally bumps into an aspiring novelist, his sister suggests they collaborate. But how could he trust a stranger with his secrets, let alone immortalize them in ink?

When Evvie proposes they fake date to give her material while she helps Matthias finish his memoir, it seems like the perfect solution-until feelings get real and insecurities, presumptions, and a meddling bandmate interfere. With a lifetime of baggage to unpack, will Evvie and Matthias take a chance on love and make this the best holiday season ever?

Wishing on Winter is the third standalone novel in Brenna Bailey's heartwarming Juniper Creek Golden Years series. With a cozy small town setting, a dash of rock star glamour, and a heartfelt holiday romance, this page-turning story will leave you cheering for Evvie and Matthias's happy ending.

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