Book Club Book Trigger Warnings

Found Family Book Club

  • Light from Uncommon Stars
    • transphobia, sexual assault, child abuse, rape, racism, self-harm
  • The Great Believers
    • homophobia, terminal illness, police brutality, toxic relationship, death
  • American Hippo
    • gore, death (child + animal), violence, racism, transphobia, miscarrage
  • Real Queer America
    • homophobia, transphobia, religious bigotry, suicidal thoughts + suicide, hate crime
  • Cantoras 
    • suicide, homophobia, rape, adult/minor relationship, miscarriage
Real Queer Stories Book Club
  • Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls
    • sexual assault, drug abuse + addiction, death of a parent, homophobia, domestic abuse
  • How Y'all Doing?
    • homophobia, adiction, hate crime, death, school shooting(s) + gun violence, alcoholism, death of a parent, drug use
  • Dear Senthuran
    • suicide attempt + thoughts, suicide, transphobia, sexual assault
  • Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies
    • cancer + terminal illness, death, eating disorder, fatphobia, death of parent, infidelity, vomit
  • Greedy: Notes From A Bisexual Who Wants too Much
    • sexual assault + rape, biphobia, transphobia, homophobia + deadnaming, racism
Seminal Queer Works Book Club
  • Notes Of A Crocodile
    • suicidal thoughts, toxic relationships, homophobia, self harm, drug abuse, alcoholism, addiction, sexual content
  • Tales Of The City
    • suicide, infidelity, drug use, pedophilia, racism, child abuse, abortion, adult/minor relationship, death
  • Paul Takes The Form Of A Mortal Girl
    • sexual content, alcohol, drug use, homophobia, death, transphobia
  • Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic
    • suicide, death of parent, adult/minor relationship, pedophilia, homophobia
  • The Color Purple
    • rape, domestic abuse, racism, incest