Book Club Book Trigger Warnings

Found Family Book Club

    • On a Sunbeam
      • bullying, transphobia, blood
    • Spellhacker
      • death of parent, chronic illness, panic attacks
    • My Government Means to Kill Me
      • homophobia, racism, police brutality
    Nonmonog Book Club
      • Open: An Uncensored Memoir
        • gaslighting, addiction, emotional abuse
      • Really Cute People
      • Designer Relationships

      Queer Fear Book Club

        • Hellbound Heart
          • body horror, gore, murder, sexual assault
        • Chlorine
          • body horror, self harm, sexual assault, racism
        • Out There Screaming
          • racism, body horror, death, police brutality, gun violence
        Queer Joy Book Club
          • The Price of Salt
            • homophobia, stalking
          • When the Moon Was Ours
            • transphobia, deadnaming, blood, child abuse
          • Light From Uncommon Stars
            • transphobia, sexual assault, child abuse, racism

          Queer Love Book Club

            • How You Get the Girl
              • mental illness, addiction, chronic illness
            • A Little Kissing Between Friends
              • biphobia
            • The Pairing

            Queer Voices on Social Justice Discussion Group

            • Manifesting Justice: Wrongly Convicted Women Reclaim Their Rights
              • Women's House of Detention
                • homophobia, medical trauma, rape, forced institutionalization 
              • Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments
                • racism, sexual assault
              • Surviving the Future
                  Seminal Queer Works Book Club
                    • Orlando
                      • racism, sexism
                    • Bejing Comrades
                      • homophobia, adult/minor relationship, death, misogyny
                    • The Line of Beauty
                      • drug use, homophobia, racism