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Looking for a Sign

Looking for a Sign

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By: Susie Dumond

A newly single queer woman moves to New Orleans and sets off on a mission to find her most compatible match by going on a date with someone of each astrological sign in this new rom-com from Susie Dumond, author of Queerly Beloved.

What if finding true love is as simple as dating through the Zodiac, sign by sign?

Gray has only been in love once, but things fell apart when she and her ex realized they didn't want the same things out of life. With her twenty-ninth birthday approaching, Gray feels her biological clock ticking and is determined to meet someone, settle down, and build the loving, accepting family she's always wanted--and didn't grow up with. But having just moved to New Orleans for a new job working for a demanding boss, and with her last first date a decade in the past, Gray has no idea how to go about finding her future spouse.

When her best friend Cherry suggests Gray look for answers from Madame Nouvelle Lune, an astrologer, Gray's skeptical. But she's also desperate. So when Madame encourages her to look to the stars, she finds herself in Cherry's kitchen, mapping out a plan: go on a date with someone of each sign before her birthday, when Saturn will make its first return to the same celestial alignment as her birth (a major turning point in every person's life, she's learned). As Gray moves through this quintessentially queer dating challenge while juggling her new job, she learns a lot about the Zodiac--and even more about her own needs, desires, and sense of adventure. Even when it begins to threaten everything she thinks she believes, Gray is determined to finish what she started while the planets are still on her side.

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