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Chasing Danny Boy: Powerful Stories of Gay Celtic Eros

Chasing Danny Boy: Powerful Stories of Gay Celtic Eros

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By Jack Fritscher and Neil Jordan, Edited By Mark Hemry

CHASING DANNY BOY: POWERFUL STORIES OF GAY CELTIC EROS Featuring NEIL JORDAN, Oscar Winner: The Crying Game and JACK FRITSCHER, Winner, Best Fiction. New voices dare to break the ancient silence. DUBLIN. New Storytellers reveal the erotic sizzle under the Irish skin. BOSTON. Wherever in the wide diaspora of the world the Irish are, the millions of them are in your culture, your music, and, likely, in your genes. CHICAGO. This dazzling collection of new stories tears down the lace curtains of sentiment and stereotype. NEW YORK. Brilliant, fresh young writers shout out the hidden homoerotic literature of Irishmen everywhere in the world: ancient romantic warriors to mythic Dublin punk/boyz. LONDON. "Style rules in this entertaining, funny, often experimental, always bright and brilliant new writing!" Gay storytelling is, at heart the truly hidden literature of Irish Culture. After The Crying Game, the Irish homosexual deserves the UnZipped Prose of these Independent Original Stories that reinvent Irish iconography and sexuality: no shamrocks, no mercy. This anthology cuts to the inclusive quick of Irish Roots. Celts? Druids? Punks? New Age? Hollywood and most everyone fantasizes about the life, music, and sensuality of the Emerald Isle! Everyone's a wee bit Irish, so kiss your multicultural roots hello, because the Gay Gene Itself may be Irish!

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