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Heart of Summer

Heart of Summer

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By: Max Walker

The moment I locked eyes with Theo from across the bar, I knew my life would change.
I just didn't know by how much.
Before I met Theo, I was fine with occasional hookups and drowning myself in work. I didn't realize how burnt out I was getting until he came into my life and showed me what a good time really meant, roping me into situations that blew my mind (among other things).
Good times always come to an end, though.
Both our worlds get rocked completely off course when Theo receives shocking news that changes everything. Meanwhile, the stalker obsessed with my family takes their attacks to a whole new level. The situation pushes us into leaving New York and going to my family's animal sanctuary, where Theo and I grow even closer while the threats grow deadlier.

Relationships weren't my thing. I never imagined myself falling for someone, especially not as hard as I fell for Maverick Gold.
But life surprises you sometimes.
Trust me on that one.
Surprises became a common occurrence from the second Mav and I shared our first kiss. Surprises in life, in the bedroom, in my job at Stonewall Investigations.
One thing remained constant throughout: my explosive chemistry with Mav.
That connection is what helped me handle the shocking news that was dropped into my lap one day, altering the entire course of my life. At the same time that I found myself working on the biggest case of my career.
Yeah, life definitely likes surprises.

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