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Lumine Volume One : A WEBTOON Unscrolled Graphic Novel

Lumine Volume One : A WEBTOON Unscrolled Graphic Novel

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By Emma Krogell

A runaway werewolf meets a witch boy, and their lives will never be the same.

In a world where weredogs, witches, and humans live side by side, Lumine is a down-on-his-luck weredog with nowhere to turn…until he meets Kody.

One causes trouble wherever he goes, and the other attracts trouble like a magnet. So of course, the two end up colliding.

Lumine has a big, fluffy secret—he is a werewolf, a rare and powerful type of magical being thought to be extinct. Except…he can’t transform properly. When robbers attack the two boys, Lumine shifts into his other form: a tiny, fierce, and ridiculously cute puppy dog. How is he supposed to instill fear in their enemies like that?!

Impressed with the small but mighty pup, Kody’s dad hires Lumine to be his son’s bodyguard. Lumine is determined to both protect Kody and become his friend, but the mysterious witch does everything in his power to keep Lumine at arm’s length.

Without realizing, Lumine has stumbled paws first into a family full of their own secrets. Kody can’t control his magic and is being haunted by an evil spirit, and his father’s motivations for hiring Lumine aren’t nearly as simple as they seem. Things are far more dangerous than Lumine bargained for, and this is only the beginning.

This volume collects episodes 1 to 14 of the charming WEBTOON comic.

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