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Master of One

Master of One

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By: Jaida Jones & Dani Bennett

Called a "captivating and satisfying queer fantasy” by Kirkus Reviews and “dazzling and creative” by SLJ, this spellbinding YA fantasy debut from Jaida Jones and Dani Bennett features entirely new cover art and is sure to ensnare fans of Six of Crows and The Cruel Prince.

Rags is a thief—an excellent one. It’s how he survives in the Queen’s city.

But when his skills catch the wrong sort of attention, he’s conscripted to steal an ancient fae relic for the sadistic royal sorcerer, Morien the Last.

The “relic”, however, turns out to be a fae—a distractingly handsome, dangerously naïve, ancient fae prince called Shining Talon.

As feelings grow between them, they discover Morien has darker plans than they ever imagined. The sorcerer is building a weapon strong enough to destroy the world . . . and only Rags and Shining Talon can stop him.

What are a two-bit thief and an out-of-touch fae prince to do? Give in to their feelings for each other, recruit their own scrappy army, and save the world, of course.

Unique and utterly gripping, this charmingly roguish and darkly humorous queer fantasy from authors Jaida Jones and Dani Bennett will have readers rooting for this pair of reluctant heroes as they take on a world-ending fae prophecy, a malicious royal plot, and, most dangerous of all, their feelings for each other. 

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