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Necrobane: Book Two of the Warden Series (Warden #2)

Necrobane: Book Two of the Warden Series (Warden #2)

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By Daniel M Ford

The fun, adventure-packed sequel to The Warden, for fans of tabletop games, The Witcher, and Legends & Lattes, by Daniel M. Ford

"Omigosh! I've just found an author to put on my list of I've got to read everything they ever wrote! The Warden is a gem of the first water. Aelis is my hero."Glen Cook, author of The Black Company

Aelis de Lenti, Lone Pine's newly assigned Warden, is in deep trouble. She has just opened the crypts of Mahlgren, releasing an army of the undead into the unprotected backwoods of Ystain.

To protect her village, she must unearth a source of immense Necromantic power at the heart of Mahlgren. The journey will wind through waves of undead, untamed wilderness, and curses far older than anything Aelis has ever encountered. But as strong as Aelis is, this is one quest she cannot face alone.

Along with the brilliant mercenary she's fallen for, her half-orc friend, and a dwarven merchant, Aelis must race the clock to unravel mysteries, slay dread creatures, and stop what she has set in motion before the flames of a bloody war are re-ignited.

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