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Shoot the Moon

Shoot the Moon

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By Isa Arsén
An evocative debut novel about one ambitious NASA secretary’s relentless drive to live and love big life in a world that would keep her small . . .

How far would you travel for love?

Intelligent but isolated recent physics graduate Annie Fisk feels an undeniable pull toward space. Her childhood memories dimmed by loss, she has left behind her home, her family, and her first love in pursuit of intellectual fulfillment. When she finally lands a job as a NASA secretary during the Apollo 11 mission, the work is everything she dreamed, and while she feels a budding attraction to one of the engineers, she can’t get distracted. Not now.

When her inability to ignore mistaken calculations propels her into a new position, Annie finds herself torn between her ambition, her heart, and a mysterious discovery that upends everything she knows to be scientifically true. Can she overcome her doubts and reach beyond the limits of time and space? 

Affecting, urgent, and immersive, Shoot the Moon tells the story of one woman's quest ot honor both her head and her heart amid the human toll of scientific progress and the persistent, unignorable yearning for home.
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