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The Laws of Magic

The Laws of Magic

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By: M. Ullrich

Nothing is ever what it seems, especially not in the small town of Bender, Massachusetts, where a witch lives to save lives and avoid love.

Isla Hoffman has finally made it. No longer the recklessly trusting teenage witch who nearly killed her family, Isla owns a successful business and is a healer to the residents of Bender, Massachusetts—human and nonhuman alike. How’d she do it? By hiding her identity and never, ever falling in love. Easy, until the ultimate temptation starts patrolling her parking lot.

Lu Cadman should have an ex- before her name. Ex-military. Ex-New Yorker. Ex-wife. Starting over means a new job as security for a sleepy strip mall, but she isn’t complaining, not when sunshiny Isla brings her tea almost every morning. She’s not planning to get involved, but there’s more to Isla than meets the eye and Lu can’t stop her attraction.

Isla and the nonhumans in their community aren’t as hidden as they think, and when a powerful force comes after them, they must work together to protect everyone. But Lu isn’t being completely honest, and when Isla discovers the truth, will she be able to trust enough to let herself fall in love?

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