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Through It Came Bright Colors

Through It Came Bright Colors

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By: Trebor Healey

Neill Cullane is a closeted, conflicted 21-year-old who lives in two worlds: a San Francisco suburb where he's the middle-son of three young men, and, a short drive away in his beat-up VW bug, a seedy portion of the city's downtown. At home, he's the dutiful son of Frank and Grace, and devoted older brother to Peter - who is battling a cruel, disfiguring cancer - but in the city a chance encounter drags him into the orbit of Vince, a troubled, gregarious, very out gay transient. Moth to a flame, Neill is swept up and away by this secret lover, a beautiful junkie/philosopher/thief whose burning desire for truth lights a path Neill is destined to travel. Through Vince, Neill learns about honesty and love and finds the courage to confront his family in the face of tragedy and loss.

Trebor Healey's multi-layered, lyrical prose illuminates a unique, intimate look at a young man's struggle to live openly and honestly, to love and to be loved, free from shame and guilt. It's a compelling family saga of rare emotional, spiritual, and poetic depth.

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